Harp Island 2014

This is the Society's main event for the year.

Sponsored by Camac Harps, our international tutor this year is Katryna Tan, from Singapore.  

Harp Island combines teaching, both individually in private lessons and in open master classes (not compulsory), with an opportunity to perform publicly to the friendly local audience in the final concert.

The programme also allows time to relax and socialise with other harpists and their attending partners and families. 

The setting is the lovely east coast of Tasmania, with Diamond Island Resort providing a large conference room for the main classes, along with a dining room and relaxation areas. Accommodation is in units on the slope below this, overlooking the ocean and Diamond Island. Extensive white sand beaches and rocky coves are adjacent to the Resort, located at the northern edge of the town of Bicheno, where the concert is staged on the final day of the event.

For some photographs of the setting and previous Diamond Island courses, see http://www.harpsocietytasmania.org/album/

Diamond Island Resort Bicheno, East coast of Tasmania