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Other Harp Societies

The Harp Society of New South Wales:

The Harp Society of Victoria (disbanded):

The Harp Society of Queensland:

The Harp Society of South Australia:

The Harp Society of Western Australia

New Zealand Harp Society:

 Australian Harp Retailers, Agents and Repairers

Carter Harps:

Harps & Harps (Brandden Lassells): (Brandden is also a harp maker)

Harps Australia:

Harp Centre Australia:

Harp Makers:

Camac Harps - Les harpes Camac:

Lyon and Healy:

Salvi Harps:

Andrew Thom:

Gillian Weiss:

Tim Guster:

Harp Australia (Hugh Jones Harps);

Andy Rigby:


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