Past Events

Tasmanian Harp Ensemble trip to Ancenis, France 2016

The Tasmanian Harp Ensemble (THE) was formed in 2014 from members of the Harp Society of Tasmania in response to an invitation from Jakez Francois of Camac Harps to play at a harp festival in France. In preparation for the overseas trip, THE played at various events including balls, dances and concerts.

Regency ball 2014a          Regency ball 2014

In May 2016, THE performed at the Harpes Au Max Festival in Ancenis, France along with other community harp groups and professional harpists from around the world. Camac generously supplied the harps, drivers and vehicles to transport the harps and ensemble members. While in Ancenis the THE played at shopping centres, a centre for disabled children, a retirement home, and an outdoor market. Together with several of the other community harp groups taking part in the festival, THE was given a guided tour through the Camac factory. The trip culminated with a performance in the Quartier Libre Theatre.


Presenting the Tasmanian flag to Ancenis

THE playing in a shopping centre

THE & family members outside the theatre

Concert in Ancenis

Harp Island 2014

“Harp Island is unique in so many ways and Tasmanian harpists are truly special people. The Harp Island experience is not duplicated anywhere else in the world, and Diamond Island is, without a doubt, a place of magic and transformation.” (Prof Lynne Aspnes, 2012)

Harp Island is the annual workshop of the Harp Society of Tasmania and is held each year at Diamond Island Resort, Bicheno, on the March Long Weekend.  

Our tutor, this year was Katryna Tan, from Singapore. Katryna is an award winning harpist who established a harp academy in Singapore 10 years ago.  An author on harp tuition and a promoter of (and renowned participant in) ensemble work, she has been a very valued teacher.

Members of the Harp Society of Tasmania are travelling to France in 2016 to participate in the Ancenis Harp Festival, organised by sponsor Camac Harps.

This year, the workshop was used to prepare ensemble work for that Festival.

On the holiday Monday, the Society presents a concert of works prepared over the weekend, in the Bicheno Town Hall:


The Harp Society of Tasmania and Katryna Tan (Singapore), in conjunction with Camac Harps, presented the

Harp Island in Concert

Monday, March 10th 2014 @2pm

Bicheno Town Hall

Tasmania is known for its beauty and culture, showcased in beautiful Bicheno at a unique musical event known as “Harp Island in Concert”.

This concert showcases our local talented harpists who are students and teachers of the harp, including pedal and lever harps.  The concert consisted of solo and group performances with a wide variety of genres and included a performance by the tutor this year, Katryna Tan (Singapore). 

The Bicheno community is very supportive of our concert. It has been commented that each year, there is much preparation, that the heights of the harps grow and that so do the skills of the harpists as soloists and in the ensemble works.  Our harpists play for pleasure, but also a number are now performing in orchestras, concerts, shows and weddings professionally.

This annual Harp Island celebration concert is a showcase of talent and a token of the Harp Society’s thanks to the supportive Bicheno Community.


Winter Harp Gathering

Saturday 21 June     11am - 3pm

What: A casual playing session, with group and some individual playing.

Where: Forth Hall

(Directions: Forth Hall is on the Forth Road, next to the old garage near the Recreation Ground, along the road from the shop. Parking is avaliable behind the Hall and in the Recreation Ground.)

What happened:

24 members of the Society, with 21 harps, arrived on a crisp winters morming from all around Tasmania, including a member visiting from NSW!

There were three sessions of ensemble playing, led by Deanna Devers, the Burnie group of members, called, "Harpeggio", and the Westbury group, "Harpbeats".

An enjoyable time was had by all.

World Harp Congress Sydney, July 2014

Tasmania was well represented, with 15 members and partners from our Society attending.

Helen Morrison presented 'An Ethereal Sound Journey' on Tuesday July 22 in the therapeutic harp stream of the Comgress. 

Members enjoyed the wide variety of harp concerts, workshops, lectures and other presentations. 

Some members also enjoyed serving as volunteers with the local organising committee, working as harp movers, stage assistants and in liaison with performing artists.